Journey of an Outsider

Carmen Kong stammt aus Hong Kong und studierte Sozialwissenschaften an der Jacobs University Bremen. Im Sommer 2009 absolvierte sie ein Praktikum beim Osterholzer Anzeiger und schrieb über ihre Erlebnisse im fremden Land und Dinge am Wegesrand, die ihr auffielen - auf Englisch.

Folge 16: Thanks for travelling with me
As I started crossing out dates on the calendar, I realise that my time in the Anzeiger is up; my internship is almost finished. In these two months, I have gained so much and now I can take away a lot of valuable lessons and experiences with me. (...)
Folge 15: A Summer Delight
Another thing I miss the most about summer at home is the annual book fair, which was opened on Wednesday this week. In the past years, it has been my favourite summer activity and for which I save up my pocket money! (...)
Folge 14: Health does not cost a fortune
The health care system in Hong Kong follows a “no turn away” policy, which means that no one is denied medical treatments, despite their nationality or ability to pay. Undoubtedly, this is a very honourable way to manage, but it also comes with a great cost - the health care system can be easily abused. (...)
Folge 13: What is stopping us to be nice?
It is the small episode during my train ride back home yesterday that triggers me to write this article. It may be hard for readers to accept my honesty, but it is my experience and impression of this country, in which I have stayed for two years. (...)
Folge 12: Yet to go greener
t is undeniable that the idea of environmental friendliness is somewhat more pronounced in Europe than in Asia. A habit that I have adapted in the past four years in Europe is recycling. (...)
Folge 11: An Old Problem
Recently I have read a magazine article named “In Hong Kong, even the dead wait in line”, which points out yet another problem brought by the aging trend existing in my home city: on top of difficulties to maintain social welfare, now there is not enough space for burying the dead. (...)
Folge 10: Summer is fun everywhere
It is hot in Germany! “But you must be used to this heat in Hong Kong!” as many Germans think. This is partially true, as we do have hot days with up to 35°C or 36 °C at home, but we also have different ways to tackle the heat and enjoy summer! (...)
Folge 9: First football experience
If I have to name one thing that immediately reminds me of Germany, it has to be FOOTBALL! There are always summer football camps for kids, our university football team is playing at the local league and many of my German friends are playing for their home districts. (...)
Folge 8: It has been twelve years
Twelve years ago today marked the handover of Hong Kong to People’s Republic of China after about a century of British colonisation. I was only nine years old and remembered what was shown on television. (...)
Folge 7: Once Upon A Time
Today I went to a meeting in a school as a task. The experience reminded me of my days in school in Hong Kong and how different it was. Needless to say, I envy the space children in Germany have, which I did not. (...)

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